• Welding Fabrication

Adcam Fabrications has a 12,500sq foot dedicated welding facility with individual welding bays.

There is a 50-meter overhead crane which runs the full length of the building and is operational from each bay.

This facility produces a range of large welded assemblies many of which comply with structural standard BS EN 1090-1;2009 +A1;2011 Execution Class 3.

Larger assemblies are always constructed on specialist Sigmund welding benches or machined floor plates to ensure all items are accurately aligned for both straightness and square.

We also have a welding section at our main facility with smaller welding bays 5000mm x 3000mm. We also produce aluminium and stainless steel TIG welded assemblies here.

All coded welders undertake yearly certification to BS EN ISO 15614-1;2004+A2;2012.

Adcam Fabrications also has the capability to braze large or small copper assemblies.

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