• Sheet Metal Fabrication

Adcam Fabrications has the capabilities to manufacture high quality close tolerance products in a wide range of materials, we are fully equipped to produce specialised (1 off) systems as well as mass produced items.

We can work from 0.5mm to 25.0mm mm thick material in mild steel, 0.5mm to 15.0mm stainless steel and 0.5mm to 12.0mm Aluminium sheet. Our new 6KW Amada Fibre laser also allows us laser cut copper sheet.

There is also the facility to produce copper and aluminium bus bars up to 16mm thick.

  • 6 KW Amada Fibre Laser
  • Range of Amada Press brakes up to 3000mm (125 Tonne)
  • Serta-bush machinery (to fit wide range of inserts).
  • Range of Bandsaws
  • Range of Pedestal Drills
  • Range of Tapping and Milling machines
  • Rolling capabilities

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